Leadership Programs - Building Great Teams

Leadership Programs - Building Great Teams

Blended learning approach to providing your leaders with the skills and resources to create positive and productive teams.

The best way to improve performance is taking consistent small steps forward - Our Leadership Programs have been designed to create change through quick, regular and highly effective interactions.

Programs can be tailored made to suit your leadership needs.

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Team Workshops - Moving Together

Team Workshops - Moving Together

Whether it's a one off or a series of team workshops - we've got you covered!

Our Team Workshops have been designed to provide teams with the tools to work more effectively!

Whether it's defining team values, understanding each other's behaviour types or mapping staff tasks to your mission, we can help you create stronger, connected and more effective teams.

Great to run as part of a team day, offsite or conference.

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Team Bonding Activities - Get Funergized

Team Bonding Activities - Get Funergized

Funergizers are a series of fun, highly interactive team bonding activities. Perfect for team days, conferences or staff offsites - they can be professionally delivered or if you're a bit tight on budget purchase a DIY Kit.

Activities include Office Olympics, Master Class Artist, The Pitch, Mascot Lego Drag Racer and a stack more.

These fun team experiences was how we started Interactive Events - guaranteed fun and great way to build connections.

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Conference MC

Conference MC

Interactive Events Managing Director, Mike Symonds can bring fun, energy and outcomes to your conference.

As a professional MC, Mike brings all of his team building, facilitation, training and story telling skills to create your most memorable AND effective conference ever!

Conferences are a HUGE investment - Get it right, with Mike.

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"Train people well enough so they can leave, TREAT THEM WELL ENOUGH so they don't want to."

Richard Branson



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