47Increase PerformanceWhiteAn Employment Services team IMPROVED STAFF ENGAGEMENT by 10% and INCREASED PERFORMANCE BY 47% using the 30 DAY ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGE!

Interactive Events 30 Day Employee Engagement Challenge

It's So Simple to Use...

  • Watch the 6 Part Video Series on The Guiding Principles of Engagement
  • Provide each staff member with their Engagement Challenge Workbook
  • Each morning allocate 5 minutes to read and discuss the Daily Challenge
  • Integrate the Daily Challenge into your work day 

Choose an Engagement Challenge Kit for Your Team

  • $197 for a 5 Pack + Video Series
  • $347 for a 10 Pack + Video Series
  • $597 for a 20 Pack + Video Series



Each day for 30 days, complete the simple, yet powerful daily 'engagement challenge'. Each challenge is designed to help you focus on one of Funergizers key principles of engagement. End of the day, take a moment to reflect on your challenge and the impact it had!

What Do You Receive? 

Each day contains:

A paragraph about the day's theme

A challenge to complete that day

A space to write down any reflections

A motivational quote related to the day's theme

How to Use It?

Print out a copy of the booklet for each person.

Launch the program at a team meeting.

It works well to discuss each of the Funergizers 4 Key Principles and the role they have in building stronger connections (you might even want to show the team some of the videos from the Toolkit)

After your presentation let the team know you have a challenge for them!

Explain how it takes just 5-10 minutes a day, and outline the process you'll follow, i.e. read the challenge together at morning huddle

Hot Tips for Success!

    • Make sure you do it every day!
    • Even if you feel like it's getting repetitive - keep going! Small actions, repeated consistently is what creates significant change.
    • Use it as 'conversation starter'
    • Once the 30 Days is over - keep going with it!

Purchase Your 30 Day Engagement Challenge Now!

  • $197 for a 5 Pack + Video Series
  • $347 for a 10 Pack + Video Series
  • $597 for a 20 Pack + Video Series


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