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It All Starts With a Love Story...

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Runs Off, Boy Chases Girl!

Back in 1999, a struggling wanna be actor misses out on ANOTHER TV Commercial - this time because the client doesn't like his eyes! He decides $^%^*&@ this "I need a real job" and so moves from the big city to Tharwa in the ACT to work as an Outdoor Education Facilitator with Outward Bound Australia (the furtherest thing from a real job you could ever get!).

Little did he know, the Strawberry Blonde girl, with a stunning smile and big heart, he met in the first week would become his wife...AND SO THE STORY BEGINS!

Learning Our Trade

Working at Outward Bound Australia, we would grab a bunch people, throw heavy back packs on, get lost in the bush, climb rocks, jump off cliffs and bounce down rapids all in the name of self development.

It was here we discovered the real power of 'learning by doing', providing participants with highly engaging experiences, facilitating 'teachable moments' and helping transfer learning's back to their daily life for long, lasting change.

Challenging the Status Quo

Swapping hiking boots for suits and ties (ahhhhh...the modern man's noose) we moved back to the 'Big City Lights' with the mission to bring Outdoor Education - Indoors.

We worked for a number of years in corporate training - putting the fun, energy and joy back into the experience. 

In a world where 'High Ropes Courses' and 'Trust Falls' were still the rage, we started challenging the status quo.

A Small Probe

After a crazy staff party at Outward Bound, Sarsha had an idea to provide fun, interactive nights at restaurants. So we decided to get a bunch of friends together, hire out a room at the local pub and put on a night of games.

WOW...What a night!...We vowed to NEVER do it again!

When you get a bunch of 20 somethings together, with a bit of alcohol and some fun games, things can quickly get out of control...After the fire department left, we decided we needed to 'massage' the idea a little.

No One Wants Fun at Work!

2004 - After a few 'experiments' we developed our product and we knew how simply powerful it was. However that didn't stop the nay-sayers. Although we knew the simplicity and power of fun, interactive programs, the industry hadn't quite changed their mindset yet - every week we would hear business leaders say "We can't have fun at work!".

Our work was cut out for was our mission to change the whole 'business mindset'.

Shaping the Industry

After knocking down doors, providing simply amazing experiences for businesses, we were slowly changing the Team Building Industry - We were the 'Trail Blazers' - We changed the way business leaders saw their teams and how to 'bring people together'.

We proved time after time, you didn't need a whole day 'dangling off a cliff' to build a team - you could do it in less than 5 minutes before a team meeting!

GFC - It's About to Tumble!

"It's coming Mike...the economy is about to crash and your programs will be the first thing to go" the words of a business man who had been around a lot longer than us.

"No've got be positive! If we stay optimistic everything will be okay!"

It happened. The economy crashed! and so did the enquiries. We took a break from delivery and developed our activities into DIY Programs. There's no way we could allow 'lack of budget' to stop our vision of building connected, fun workplaces.

Everyone after a piece of the pie!

After a few years the economy picked up and now 'every man and his dog' had jumped on the band wagon. Our activities were being copied and duplicated at a rate of knots, by every other team building wanna be out there.

Always looking to be unique in our approach we changed tack.

Instead of being seen as a 'one-off' activity at the end of a conference, how could we help businesses make this a part of 'how they do business'?

Being Different to Create a Difference

Using our corporate training and change background experience, we developed a series of tools, workshop content and activities which provide the complete package.

We now help businesses build 'Positive, Engaging and Connected' workplaces - boosting performance by strengthening their staff connections.

Our Philosophy has stayed strong...

Make it EASY - Our 'Culture Building' tools are easily integrated into your normal work day

Make it FUN - Laughter and fun shared experiences are the quickest and most effective way to build a bond between people.

Bring Out the BEST in YOUR PEOPLE - Everyone has something unique and special about them. When we can acknowledge and encourage each person's 'unique talent' we are building a strong, engaged and sustainable workplace.

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