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Do you have Leaders who are great at the
'Operational Aspects' of their role,
however struggle when it comes to
Building High Performing Team Cultures?

Team Culture: Accelerator Program

...will provide your Leaders with the Beliefs, Skills and Strategies to Build  Highly Engaged, Connected and Successful Teams!

"The 'Team Culture: Accelerator Program' was worth every cent in culture gains going forward. We now have a clear pathway; not to mention the tools and confidence, to build an engaging team environment."

James, Partner, HQB Accounting

Program Snap Shot

Who: Emerging Leaders, Team Leaders, Managers

How: Blended learning:

  • 6 x Monthly 2 hr virtual workshops
  • 6 x Monthly 1 hr group implementation calls
  • Implementation Workbook
  • Workshop recordings
  • Private Facebook Group

Where: Live or interactive ZOOM sessions

or phone Mike on 0431 961 202

An employment services team improved performance by 47% by implementing just one of the strategies shared in the Team Culture: Accelerator Program

Provide Your Leaders with the Strategies, Mindset and Skills to Build Teams Which People Are Excited to Be a Part of and Achieve Great Things!

Introducing the Team Culture: Accelerator Program

Program Overview

The Team Culture: Accelerator Program will help Leaders:

  • Be the best version of themselves, so their team can raise their standards
  • Build teams committed to making a positive impact
  • Strengthen collaboration and staff relationships
  • Create a work environment staff love being connected too
  • Improve capability to have greater success


All of our programs are highly interactive, with a focus on 'Taking Action'. 

Real change occurs through IMPLEMENTATION.

This is NOT a 'sit back and listen' experience. Participants will be expected to participate, take action and implement new strategies, tools and concepts into their team.

Module 1: Leading the Self

"A teams success is determined by it's Leaders self worth"

  • Getting clear on your self identity - Who are you? What do you stand for?
  • Seeing your value - Eliminate Imposter Syndrome and see how you are worthy of being followed
  • Building Character and Changing limiting self-perceptions

Module 2: Foundations of a Strong Culture

"If life has no purpose, Leadership has no mission"

  • Identify the deeper meaning behind WHY your team exists
  • How to boost performance by aligning your team to it's purpose
  • Using values to set expectations of behaviour

Module 3: Stronger Relationships

"You must win their hearts before asking for a hand"

  • Fostering trust as the bedrock of all relationships
  • Breaking toxic habits which weaken relationships
  • Understanding what each team member needs to build strong relationships

Module 4: Shape Your Environment

"The mood of your workplace influences performance"

  • 4 simple principles to boost team mood and morale
  • How to integrate these principles into your daily work routine
  • Empowering staff to contribute to your team culture

Module 5: Boosting Capability

"Leaders help their teams succeed"

  • What does success look like for your team?
  • Discover how to help your team succeed
  • Boost collaboration to improve performance

Module 6: Continous Improvement

"True success has no finish line"

  • Staying true to your teams purpose
  • Encouraging growth and improvement in your team
  • Improving on the 1%ers

How is the Program Delivered?

Program delivery will consist of:

  • 6 x 2 hr live virtual workshops (one each month)
  • Participants take action and implement key tasks with their team  
  • 6 x 1 hr group Implementation Follow Up Calls
  • Workbook
  • Online micro-learning videos to reinforce workshop content
  • Private Facebook Group for sharing successes and ideas


Staff loved the program. It achieved fabulous results in building team spirit and getting everyone on board with the organisation as a whole.

Mike's presentation skills and style were outstanding!"


ClientTestimonialLizLiz Wilkins, CEO, Youth Directions


Meet Your Facilitator

Mike Symonds

Over the past 25 years Mike has specialised in working with Leaders at all levels to build strong, connected and engaged team cultures.

Using 'Action Based' and 'Experiential Education' principles, Mike is an engaging, playful and perceptive faciltiator. Mike's focus is to simplfy the 'Culture Development' process and provide Leaders with the skills, tools and approach to build workplaces staff are passionate to be involved with.

"Mike was able to get us out of our comfort zone and stretch us to new levels of leading. Thanks to Mike for a great program. With a back pocket full of new 'Engagement Tools' I'm excited to get back to work and implement them with my team."

Enrol Your Leaders into
'Team Culture: Accelerator Program' NOW!

or phone Mike on 0431 961 202

"The Interactive Events Program has provided some amazing personal insights into how I manage my team.

I've come away with simple, practical 'tools' I can take back to work and easily implement with my team."


ClientTestimonialScottScott, Team Leader, HCF