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Building Great Teams and Workplaces for Over 15 Years...

We've Worked With Some BIG NAMES and Some NOT SO BIG NAMES!

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Here's a sample of the results we achieve

improve team performance, Interactive Events

An employment services team saw a 47% increase in performance after implementing an Engagement Initiative for JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY!

Improve staff productivity - interactive events

After participating in an Interactive Events Engagement Program over 85% of staff said that they felt more ENERGIZED, POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and ENTHUSED about their work - Origin Energy Call Centre

82% of participants agreed Interactive Events Programs built STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS both within and across teams.

"I highly recommend Interactive Events to any business.

They provide a simple staff engagement process which can be easily implemented to improve team attitude and performance.

The workshop itself is great fun and it's all about bringing out the best in your people."


georginalomaxG.Lomax, Contact Centre Manager

"The Interactive Events Program has provided some amazing personal insights into how I manage my team.

I've come away with simple, practical 'tools' I can take back to work and easily implement with my team."


ClientTestimonialScottScott, Team Leader, HCF


Staff loved the program. It achieved fabulous results in building team spirit and getting everyone on board with the organisation as a whole.

Mike's presentation skills and style were outstanding!"


ClientTestimonialLizLiz Wilkins, CEO, Youth Directions


"Interactive Events delivered a range of their Funergizers Team Building Activities at various points throughout our conference.

They were instrumental in breaking down relationship barriers amongst franchise owners.

Interactive Events added a real sense of excitement and energy to our conference. Our network and business is so much stronger. Thankyou”


JanTJan T, Marketing Manager, World Wide

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