Your Team: Building Better!

Sometimes It Takes a Different Voice...

A DONE WITH YOU Program for Leaders wanting to Make Significant Change.
Staff Connections, Teamwork and Workplace Culture!

Your Team: Building Better!

"I just feel like there's something missing with the team!" - Interactive Events Client

Any of these sound familiar?

GreenTick InteractiveEventsYour Team not reaching their full potential?

GreenTick InteractiveEventsThere's disharmony and conflict in your Team?

GreenTick InteractiveEventsYour Team not working well together?

GreenTick InteractiveEvents Your Workplace has a 'NOTHING CULTURE'?

GreenTick InteractiveEventsYour Staff are disengaged with their work?

GreenTick InteractiveEventsYou want to take your Team to the next level?

This Program will Help You Build ...


What Clients Say About 'Your Team: Building Better!' Program

"The Your Team: Build Better is an amazingly simple and powerful program which helped us improve performance by 47%.

The great thing is we didn't need to drastically change our approach, it was simply the result of introducing a couple of easy and quick activities into our daily routine."

ClientTestimonialScott A. McMillan, Senior Manager

"It all starts at the top and filters down. The Your Team: Building Better Program helped our Executive Team get clarity around our true purpose, the values we wanted to nuture within our teams and specific actions we could take to build a culture which both our staff and customers want to be apart of."

ClientTestimonialLiz P. Leddy, People and Culture Manager

Tell Me More About the Program

The Your Team: Building Better! Program covers 3 core areas of your business.

This program will help you BUILD ...

Better Connections

Strong staff relationships are essential for any business wanting engaged staff, a positive culture and  high performing teams.

You will:

  • Discover the different employee behaviour types 
  • Identify the 'Driving Need' of each type
  • Understand the Strength and Value each type brings to the team
  • Discover how to motivate each employee type
  • Learn how to 'interact' with each type to build greater trust
  • Use 4 simple, yet powerful tools to build better connections 

Stronger Teamwork

Stronger Teamwork contains a series of simple and effective tools for improving teamwork and performance.

You will:

  • Clarify your team purpose - the thing you do which adds value to the world!
  • Identify Key Objectives and Results which will help you bring this Purpose to life
  • Put the team through their paces with a series of 'Action Based' activities designed to strengthen teamwork
  • Use a series of tools to boost team dynamics, collaboration and build more 'WE' instead of 'I'

Positive Culture

A strong culture provides you with the foundations and pathways to thrive when others are simply trying to survive.

You will:

  • Discover the Factors which influence Culture
  • Help you identify your team's core values
  • Make sure these values are in alignment with beliefs and behaviours
  • Create your Culture Vision - what does your new culture look like?
  • Take practical steps to Build Your New Culture!


Your Greatest Asset and Potentially Your Biggest Challenge is Your People!

We Help You Bring Out the Best in Your People, Teams and Business.

Program Approach

The 'Your Team: Building Better!' is a 6 to 12 month Program which:

  • Uses a blended learning approach
  • Is highly interactive, engaging and fun
  • Provides you with a range of practical tools, concepts and resources you can easily implement into your normal work routine

The blended learning approach may include:

DiSC Assessment, Personality Quiz, Interactive Events

360 Degree Team Assessments

We'll use a series of asessment and profile tools to help identify Team Culture Type and Staff Behavioural Profiles.

These assessments can then be used to help us understand, plan and improve.  

Team Building, Team Day, Interactive Events

Team Days

Our Team Days are an important element for not only learning, but to also bring your staff and teams together; adding value to your culture.

An Interactive Events Team Day includes a mix of powerful content, engaging team interactions and fun team activities.

Leadership Training, Training Workshops, Interactive Events

Workshop Series

Team members will participate in a series of training workshops to introduce new concepts, tools, and ideas; designed to improve relationships and performance.

There'll be a mix of face to face workshops, live webinars and online training for Leaders, all Staff and Teams.

Fun Team Building Activities, Interactive Events

Funergizers Team Bonding Activities

Participating in fun team bonding activities is one of the fastest ways to build stronger connections and a more energized culture.

These are the activities we built our business on...Office Olympics, Race Around the World, Master Class Artist...just to name a few.

We'll schedule a few of these into the year to energize, bond and motivate your workplace.

DIY Team Building, Interactive Events

DIY Tools, Resources and Engagement Activities

To ensure your leaders and teams have all the necessary tools to maintain momentum, key staff members will be able to access a series of resources online.

Energize your team meeting with a quick 5 minute Funergizer, strengthen your sense of team with our Secret Service Activity, or simply review workshop content with our mini-bite training videos.

Business Coaching, Interactive Events

Ongoing Coaching and Support

We're in this journey together - Our success is dependent upon your success - that's why we're here to help.

We'll set up a proactive coaching schedule for your key people - whether it's holding you accountable, helping you with implementation or simply giving you an 'ear for ideas', we'll provide you with full ongoing support and coaching.

By the End of the Program You'll Have...

GreenTick InteractiveEventsBetter Staff Connections

GreenTick InteractiveEventsStronger Teamwork

GreenTick InteractiveEventsPositive and Capitvating Culture


Choose a Delivery Option Which Works for You


Best suited to organisations who have the internal resources!

We'll provide you will all the tools, resources and process to Do It Yourself.

We'll also work with your internal champions to 'unpack' the kit and help you to move in the right direction.


Our most popular approach - Lets work together!

We'll deliver key content and support you with resources to continue the journey back at work.

This is a collaborative approach which empowers you and your teams.


Join in and be a participant, as we facilitate the full experience for you!

Best suited to teams who have most of their 'ducks in a row' and are looking for a little extra.

Perfect if you're looking for a professionally facilitated  program to continue to strenghten your team and culture.

What Kind of Results Does the Program Get?

improve team performance, Interactive Events

An employment services team saw a 47% increase in performance after implementing an Engagement Initiative for JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY!

Improve staff productivity - interactive events

After participating in an Interactive Events Engagement Program over 85% of staff said that they felt more ENERGIZED, POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and ENTHUSED about their work - Origin Energy Call Centre

82% of participants agreed Interactive Events Programs built STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS both within and across teams.

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